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General List of Issues to be Resolved in Divorce

  1. Custody
    1. Physical—primary or shared
    2. legal—sole or joint
    3. if shared physical custody—detailed custodial schedule, or scheduled by agreement
  2. Visitation
    1. detailed schedule, or scheduled by agreement
    2. holidays/birthdays/summer/telephonic/travel 
  3. Child Support/direct pay or withholding order/commencement date/arrears/transfer to juvenile court
  4. Extracurricular Activities/camps/holiday gifts/back to school clothes/computers, cell phone and electronics/tutoring/SAT preparation classes/driver’s education classes/car insurance/college application fees/senior year activities
  5. College/four years/bachelor’s degree/age 23/instate rate/room and board/books/fees/costs/travel costs
  6. Alimony
    1. monthly amount, or reserve right to request in the future, or waive the right
    2. if payable: the amount, commencement and due dates, and whether the support is modifiable or nonmodifiable
    3. if payable: termination upon death, remarriage or cohabitation for a specified duration
    4. if a reservation, must a significant change in financial circumstances occur for a future request       
  7. Health Insurance Coverage/dental/optical/psychological
  8. Unreimbursed Medical Expenses—covered for how long for children
  9. Life Insurance/Long Term Disability Coverage/Long Term Care Policy
    1. presently in effect or to be obtained
    2. other parent or the child/ren directly or in trust as beneficiary
    3. choice of trustees
    4. cash value
  10. Pets/Horses/Breed Dogs and Cats/Livestock
  11. Flex Fund 
  12. Business Interests/Domain Name
  13. Royalties
  14. Proceeds from a Pending Lawsuit
  15. Former Marital Home
    1. exclusive possession
    2. mortgage payments
    3. mortgage interest deduction
    4. utility payments/normal maintenance and repair payments/extraordinary repair costs
    5. value for buyout or refinance, and by when
    6. sale if not refinanced by deadline, or short sale
      1. payment of recommended improvements
      2. list price/lowering of list price/acceptance of offer of 95% or lower                   
      3. any further encumbrance prohibited
      4. division of proceeds
      5. obligations of estate/death of a party
    7. contribution to moving expenses           
  16. Investment Real Estate/Timeshares/Commercial Property
  17. Private, Federal, State or Military Defined Benefit Retirement Pension Plan Annuities & Survivorship Rights, or Waiver
  18. TSP/401k/403b/401a Defined Contribution Accounts & Survivorship Rights, or Waiver
  19. Liquid Assets/Bank Accounts/IRAs/CDs/Mutual Funds/Stocks/Stock Options/Employee Stock Purchase Plans 
  20. Bonds
  21. Safe Deposit Box Contents 
  22. Prepaid Tuition Plans/UGMA, UTMA Custodial Accounts/529 Educational Accounts
  23. Country Club/Yacht Club Membership
  24. Household Furnishings and Collections, Jewelry
  25. Cars/Boats/Motorcycles/ATVs/Personal Watercraft/Campers/Aircraft
  26. Hotel/Frequent Flyer Points  
  27. Debt/Credit Cards 
  28. Filing Taxes—Refund or Liability/Exemptions/Child Care Credit/Capital Loss Carryover/Appropriate Withholdings
  29. Divorce Proceedings/Determination of Date of Separation/Attorney’s Fees
  30. Remaining Matters—is this everything
  31. Boilerplate language
    1. waiver of claim to estate, or preservation of right to inherit          
    2. revocation of any powers of attorney
    3. protection from discharge in bankruptcy of obligations
    4. waiver, or preservation of request for attorneys fees in modification proceedings